Vodafone speed test 3G vs 4G

, posted: 25-May-2013 16:41

Two different devices, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy S4, right next to each other, tested at Sale St (Auckland) last night.

Not too shabby at all.

Why so expensive?

, posted: 19-May-2013 10:59

This weekend I’ve been away in Rotorua speaking at a client’s conference about the custom software system we’ve designed and written for them.  After shredding my fan belt on the way down (ended up missing my presentation slot as I was four hours late), it was nice to finally arrive.

There are around 150 delegates here from all over NZ, staying from Friday until Sunday.  Nearly all are staying here at Rydges Rotorua – there’s all the accommodation, breakfasts, lunches plus the formal dinner that was held last night.  The hotel will be making a killing out of this organisation.

For so many delegates with laptops and smartphones, wireless is a must.  This is where I’m gobsmacked…

Internet here is 75cents/hour or $30 per day. 

Surely free wireless is a service to provide, alongside food, tea and coffee?  To expect every person here to sign up each of their devices is fanciful (the access code is tied to MAC address)?  Another possible solution is to have one set fee for the conference, and everyone attending gets wireless access.

In my presentation this morning, it was annoying that while most people had laptops, they weren’t able try the demos I was doing (it would’ve taken far too long to get them all paired with their mobile phones).  Why is this so hard?

It seems not all hotels/motels are ignorant to how important wireless is.  Since Rydges is full, I’m staying at a motel two doors down…

They have free wireless.

Fancy a beer and a catch-up?

, posted: 5-May-2013 10:54

I’ve organised an evening for the Geekzone regulars and not-so-regular users to catch up over a beer and food.  I’m calling it Geekzone IRL (Geekzone In Real Life), and it’s on Friday 17th May at 6pm.

Only $20 for a couple beers and lots of finger foods. A big thank-you to The Data Centre for putting on a generous bar tab.

the data centre
Yes I am biased, as we are having it at my cafe, Tuihana Cafe in Mt Eden.  Plenty of off-street car-parks plus it’s on a couple of main bus routes/short walking distance from Kingsland/Mt Eden train stations.

Registration is here, we have a plenty of places left so sign up online (payment via credit card).

The final piece in the SVOD puzzle

, posted: 30-Mar-2013 13:42

Streaming Video On Demand is a big paradigm change from TV as we currently know it.  Instead of having a broadcaster dictate what we watch and when we watch it (alleviated a little by set top boxes such as My Sky), SVOD allows you to pick exactly what content you want.  You can pay a set monthly fee (eg Netflix, Hulu Plus) to watch all and everything or pay for just what you want to watch (Vudu).

As Kiwis we aren’t allowed access – blame the content holders.  This doesn’t have to stop you; with the advent of services to help get around the blocking (such as UnblockUS), you can enjoy all the TV from the States (see instructions here on the NZ Tech Podcast).

About a year ago I blogged about how I dumped Sky TV and replaced it with a TiVo.  It was just before this that I bought a Roku to stream the above services on my TV.  I’ve also managed to swap a few friends and family over as well.

One thing that has always been missing: sport.  If you are a big sport fan, you really can’t beat Sky TV’s offerings.

It’s with great interest I read on the Roku blog this morning that Sky Sports in the UK is launching a sport channel.  Hopefully as time progress we’ll see a local one launch for NZ, providing the final piece of the puzzle.

Kim Dotcom visits Giapo

, posted: 17-Jan-2013 18:00

As part of the launch of his new website, mega.co.nz, Kim Dotcom shouted free Giapo ice-creams, and gave away caps and t-shirts for the new site today at 2pm.  Somehow I was roped in to providing sound for the event.

In a very Willy Wonka style giveaway, at the bottom of 10 random cups of ice-cream were tickets to the proper launch on Sunday at the Dotcom mansion.

Only a few people turned up. And some media.


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