Review: Huawei watch

, posted: 23-Dec-2015 16:13

For the last two weeks I’ve been using the Huawei watch, my first foray into the smartwatch arena (I don’t even wear a watch normally).  For my first experience with a smartwatch, I’ve been pretty impressed and would happily return to wearing a watch every day.

Huawei Consumer Business Group Watch

The watch definitely is on the larger size, featuring a 3.6mm AMOLED display.  With a stainless steel body and a sapphire crystal watch face, I’m confident it could put up with the wear and tear of every day use.  Definitely not a ladies watch, it didn’t look oversized on my wrist, however I’m a big guy.


The watch I received had the stock standard leather watch, and if I was buying this for myself, I’d definitely go for a metal band (personal preference).  It does have stock standard watch pins, so you could add your own favourite, non-Huawei supplied band.

It comes with 40 different watch faces, which when paired with Android wear on your smartphone, you can quickly and easily change.


The alerts are a nice touch, especially when in a meeting or driving; a quick glance at your wrist and you can see an email or text message.  You can also reply from the watch by tapping on the face, and using Google Now, your speech is transcribed and sent as a reply.

One of the big features is the power saving mode.  Even with the watch in it’s lower power mode, I can still see the time, which is, surprisingly, a big feature for a watch.


There’s no product that’s perfect so I did have a few gripes with the watch.  Firstly, I could really only get two days of use out of it (although fellow blogger Bill Bennett could get three days).  Secondly, even with it’s magneting charging base, I could still put the watch on wrong and it wouldn’t charge.  Having a standard micro-USB port on the watch would mean you could charge it when away from home.

I was a little anxious wearing this watch at the movies (nothing more annoying than a smartphone glow from other patrons), but it does have a theatre mode which switches the screen off completely; a quick tap on the crown turns the screen back on.

To finish up, the feature I like the most about this smart watch is it looks just like a regular watch.  While I was wearing it in meetings and at a few bars, no-one noticed it until an alert would popup on the screen.  I think the key to mainstream adoption of this technology is hiding all the complexity behind a simple watch face.

My thanks to Huawei NZ for providing this unit for review.

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