ASB Mobile app now with TradeMe goodness

, posted: 14-Dec-2012 13:22

701568120A couple weeks back, I was invited (along with a few others) to a super secret preview of the new ASB mobile app.  We were under NDA until today.

I was involved in giving feedback on the very first ASB app a few years back - at that time it was just a wrapper around a mobile site, and we received it via Dropbox.  It was a good first attempt at a mobile app, this latest release however is streets ahead of where ASB started.

The biggest killer feature in this app is the TradeMe integration - it makes paying a seller for a successful auction super easy. See the video below for more info:

(video here about collecting a payment if you are the seller)

Other nice changes are:

  • Multi-tasking ability - if you swapped to another app, such as Gmail, to check an amount or bank account details, and went back to the ASB Mobile app, you'd need to login again.  They've now fixed this so you can return to the ASB Mobile app (within a 2 minute timeout) and continue on where you left off (this was my biggest pet peeve).
  • Branch locator gone - this has been removed from the initial login page.  I had issues with this while in Europe, with it swapping between Cape Reinga and Invercargill as my nearest branches, based on what country I was in at the time.
  • Quick balance updates - you can now specific up to three accounts to view the balances off, rather than just one.

Great work ASB! 


I'm only an ASB customer, I'm keen to hear how this compares to the mobile apps of the other competitors - please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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