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, posted: 17-Dec-2010 15:47

giapo logo flat I'm a big fan of Giapo - it's an Italian gelato store based next to The Civic on Queen St in Auckland.  If you use Twitter, you'll see Gianpaolo, the owner and creator of Giapo, popping up all the time as @giapo.  He's a great person to sit and chat to as you devour an organic gelato.

Tis the season for giving, so Giapo is raising $4,000 for Starship, to buy them a new Mass Flow Respiratory Sensor:

The equipment that Starship would really like is Mass Flow Respiratory Sensor and so we've decided to raise the funds and give a smile to the kids at the hospital.

The Mass Flow Respiratory Sensor is a critical piece of equipment that is used in lung function testing. This kind of testing is used to diagnose and monitor children with severe and sometimes life threatening respiratory or lung disease.

Over one thousand of these tests are undertaken each year at Starship on children from all over New Zealand who have conditions such as severe asthma, cystic fibrosis and muscular dystrophy.

The machines will cost $4000, but with your help we're sure that it's beatable (and in time for Christmas).

Between 12noon-2pm tomorrow (Saturday 18th December), Giapo is giving 100% of his revenue to Starship, served up by various NZ celebrities, including former Breakfast show gadget guy Ben Gracewood (who has a flavour in his honour since he's a fruit cake he likes fruit mince pies):



If you're not lucky enough to live in Auckland, donate online instead. I'm heading to Giapo around lunch time, DM me on Twitter if you want to chit chat over some yummy Giapo.

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