My quest to topup a Telecom T-Stick

, posted: 4-Oct-2010 15:38

Dear Telecom,

Why do you make it so hard for me to topup my T-Stick (mobile broadband) when I run out of credit?  I sold my Vodafone data-card so we could start this new and exciting relationship together because your speeds were so much better, but you make it so hard to top up my account.

When I ran out of credit about 20 minutes ago you did this.

Why not show me my account (you already know who I am) and let me top up? One better, let me save my credit card number, so when I get close to running out, you top me up automatically. 

When I tried to login to Your Telecom you locked me out.

I had to pair with my cellphone, use Vodafone to buy a top-up voucher, then use the 0800 number to apply that to my account. 

Seriously, I'm offering you money, why do you not want it??


Lance Wiggs also blogs about some well overdue improvements to Your Telecom.

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