Mr Vintage vs Sideswipe

, posted: 7-Sep-2010 13:22

logo A rather damning read in this morning's Sideswipe (a column in the NZ Herald), written by Ana Samways, about Mr Vintage profiting off the Canterbury earthquakes:

Quick to make a buck

Not one to miss a marketing opportunity, T-shirt purveyor Mr Vintage has created a benefit T-shirt with a seismograph in the shape of the Christchurch Cathedral to support earthquake victims. How lovely! From every sale, $5 will be donated to the Red Cross quake appeal. How generous ... Or is it? The T-shirt costs $29.95, so if they sell 150, Mr Vintage will bank $2842 (minus an estimated $6 each to make) and Red Cross Canterbury Earthquake Appeal will get $750. Plenty of businesses will be trying to capitalise off the earthquake in Christchurch - 'buy this product and we'll donate [insert amount here] to such and such appeal. Please, just donate the full amount directly. Or make an automatic $20 donation by phoning 0900-33-200.

Not one to take any criticism lying down, Mr Vintage issued a reply on their blog and issued the following challenge back to Ana:

ANA. It's really easy to sit back in your ergonomically designed computer chair and surf the Internet, picking out little things and printing them. It's harder to actually do something about it. Luckily, we're giving you the chance to.

THIS brand new 'Ana Samways donation t-shirt' is available for $1000 online at - just for you. There's but one t-shirt being printed that reads "I Love Sideswipe" in a lovely little pink heart

100% of the $1,000 will go straight to the Red Cross Canterbury Earthquake Appeal, and if you're cool enough to make this donation - WE'LL MATCH YOUR $1000. Everybody wins, especially Christchurch ?

Good show Mr Vintage.  You could've easily turned it into a mud throwing fest, but this way, the victims of the earthquake benefit with your rather creative solution.



Links on Twitter: @AnaSamways, @mrvintage

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